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Kategorie: Multiplayer

See game instructions for instructions.WASD, Arrow Down, Arrow Left, Arrow Right, Arrow up.
avoid the sharks as you try and shoot them with your spears. watch your lives!! trya and beat your high scores!use arrow keys to movespace to shootenter to play
Two player Tic-tac-toe. Game made by Peter Buffo and Jun LeeFirst click is X, second click is O. Third click X, e.t.c. You win when you get three in a row horizontally, vertically, [...]
Fight your friends with mouse and keyboard in this multiplayer Bot Battler!P1:Point mouse to the direction you want to go. Right click to move. Left Click to spin attack.P2:Arrow K [...]
[Game Jam da ER-JEDi - November 2016]Tema: Que a força esteja com você!Há muito tempo atrás, existia um reino dividido por dois reis, um dos reis era egocê [...]
A alien looking man jumping on lots of small platforms to complete 3 levels, but be careful as there are bees trying to stop you from completing your level goalsUp arrow = JumpLeft [...]
A turn-based hack ‘n’ slash adventure. Choose from six classes and fight through randomly generated levels full of bountiful treasures to defeat the forces of darkness! [...]
A multiplayer game of castle warfare, inspired by the arcade classic Rampart. Engage up to 4 opponents in fast-paced multiplayer combat, or challenge 3 difficulty levels in a singl [...]
An addictive and casual friendly one button, multiplayer game that everyone can enjoy demonstrating their own flying skills and competing tactics. In this 2 players game your goal [...]
Can you beat this training course and become a full fledged ninja panda either on 1 player or on a 2 player mode with your panda wife? Addictive, fun platform game where everyone c [...]