Pine Hollow Security (English Edition)

Pine Hollow Security (English Edition)
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Pine Hollow Security (English Edition)
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5 Books.
Kindle Unlimited.

Under the shadow of Glastenbury Mountain and the cover of night, the bad boy wolf shifters of PH Security get their real work done – keeping Pine Hollow safe and blissfully ignorant of the supernatural threats to their town.

Book One
After getting mugged out jogging, Avery Meredith is more baffled than frightened. None of it adds up. Why would anyone be after her? Even more mystifying, she was rescued by none other than Rowan Winter. The strapping, beautiful and brooding man who usually pretends she doesn’t exist. But PHS insists on assigning Rowan to watch over her on their dime. It should be a cinch for him: former juvenile delinquent, ex-Marine and over six feet of tatted steel. But Rowan has tried to stay far, far away from Avery ever since she moved to town. Now, he has to live with her, the curvy armful who sometimes shows up in his dreams.

Book Two
If there is one thing Nolan Locke and Tori Mederos are good at, it’s avoiding each other. What they can’t avoid are the questions. Ten years of them. The town of Pine Hollow has to know what broke apart these two former best friends. Yet neither of them will even acknowledge it. But when Tori is thrust into paranormal, Pine Hollow patented danger, and Nolan is assigned as her security shifter – the two will be forced to face the past in order to save their future.
The mountain is restless, shifters are missing, and the spooks are spooked.

Book Three
It was bad enough for Jayce Tursi, stud shifter of Pine Hollow security, that he got lost in the Parallel for weeks. But now that he’s back on his feet, he’s stuck training rookies? Good thing Jayce knows how to pin a smile on his face and fool the world. It’s not fooling Melita Mederos, though. The PHS rookie has a thing for popular Jayce, who doesn’t even know her name. Melita is determined to change that until everything goes wrong.

Book Four
Em Tajima has always preferred a ghost story to a love story. Until she moves to Pine Hollow, Vermont and finds more than she bargained for. Ghost towns, shadow figures out of the corner of her eye, and a connection to a hidden past. Plus, the secretive and stubborn shifter who decides to keep an eye on her for her own good. Now Em can’t shake her Pine Hollow Security (self-appointed) bodyguard. Or the sense that he might be right. Even though he’s supposed to being laying low, Wyatt can’t figure out whether the new girl is in trouble or is trouble. Either way, he’ll find out. No matter what rules he has to break.

Book Five
If Lee Stone had been honest with himself, none of this would have happened. Also, if Bryn Santos had been a professional, poised and sophisticated social worker, instead of being a hot and smitten mess, none of this would have happened. She wouldn’t have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. She wouldn’t have become the pivotal witness in a small-town murder mystery. And she wouldn’t have ended up under Lee’s protection. Lee, her client, and the serious, stern, and sexy-as-hell bodyguard.

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